Tax & Wealth Management Services
…A Total Wealth Care™ Approach

So far as we know, no one else offer the sophisticated, “one-stop” bundle of services we do. From shrewd income and estate tax reduction, “bullet-proof” asset protection, in-house trust design and delivery, to tax prep and IRS representation, retirement income funding, comprehensive financial planning & expert investment management, we do very big picture wealth management.

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Typical Client Services

  • Powerful tax strategies cut or eliminate taxes to drive family wealth.
  • Advanced Tax Savings Strategies
  • Custom Solutions – Detailed Tax Law Research to Optimize Your Unique Situation
  • Capital Gains Tax Strategies: real estate, business sale, stock bonus, investment account securities sales
  • Estate Tax & Legacy Protection
  • Estate Planning & Smart Trust Design
  • IRS Audit Management Are Needless Taxes Costing You A Small Fortune?
  • Personal, Business & Trust Income Tax Preparation (Federal, State & City)
  • Estate & Gift Tax Return Preparation (Federal, State & City)
  • Employment & 401(k)/Qualified Plan Tax Return Preparation (Federal, State & City)
  • Estate & Trust Planning – Design & Legal Documents Preparation & Execution
  • Legal Documents, Wills, Trusts, Business Entities
  • Asset Protection Planning & Structures
  • Comprehensive Wealth Management
  • Audit Defense & Management
  • Property tax reduction
Proactive Tax Control & Wealth Strategists - Strictly Fee-Only Fiduciary
  • Insurance consulting
  • Valuations – Business, Real Estate, ESOP & More
  • Family Office Services & Consulting
  • Executive Benefits Planning & Management
  • Business Services
    • Accounting & Bookkeeping
    • Outsource CFO Consulting
    • Risk control and asset protection
    • Business Financial planning
    • Benefits consulting
    • Buy/Sell Planning, Agreements & Funding
    • 401k design/risk control
    • Qualified Plan (cash balance, 401(k), defined benefit, ESOP, etc.) Design, Drafting & Rescue
    • Maximize tax benefits to owners and keys, reduce audit & Dept of Labor enforcement risk

Do you have a sinking feeling you’re paying too much in tax? You’re not alone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Business entities are organizations formed to conduct business or engage in a trade. There are multiple business entity types, including corporations (C-Corporations and S-Corporations), limited liability companies (LLCs), partnerships (general partnerships, limited liability limited partnerships, and limited partnerships), and sole proprietorships.

Medical bills are tax-deductible if the taxpayer itemizes and does not elect to take the standard the deduction. In 2019, the IRS allowed all taxpayers to deduct the total qualified unreimbursed medical care expenses for the year that exceeds 7.5% of their adjusted gross income. Beginning in 2020, the threshold amount increases to 10% of Adjusted Gross Income (AGI).

Accountants assist clients in the process of setting up the payroll with the respective states. Once completed, there are specific quarterly and yearly forms that need to be filed in order to stay compliant. The accountant will assess the client of any changes and timely file all required forms on a timely basis.

The need to make estimated tax payments is solely based on the taxpayer facts and circumstances. If your income is entirely comprised of wages, there will be withholding taxes taken out on your wages, so there should be no need to make quarterly estimated tax payments.

If there is material income from other sources and no withholding taxes are taken out, then the need to make estimated tax payments has arisen. Tax projections can be prepared to determine the level of estimated taxes that are necessary for you to make.

The quarterly estimated tax payment dates are April 15th, June 15th, September 15th and January 15th of the succeeding calendar year.