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We use a four-step process to move your wealth needle. We offer a detailed ASSESSMENT consultation. We will provide customized ADVICE based on your data and prepare a detailed advisory PROPOSAL before you decide if you wish us to ONBOARD you as a client.

This service is FREE and is remarkably easy to use.

First, we set up a call or video meeting to collect some data to define your challenges and opportunities. During this 30–60-minute FREE session, we will deliver deep insight and guidance to cut taxes, protect your assets, enhance your estate planning, and much more Use this free advice in any way you wish. We will then provide a clear proposal to optimize your situation. Typically we offer fixed pricing for proposed work, and reliable estimates of tax savings and other benefits. Finally, if you elect to proceed with us, we request a retainer to being the client onboarding process


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We use a very comprehensive, “Mayo-model” diagnostic system developed over many decades by founder Dr. Camarda.

This lets us very quickly and efficiently identify key areas of improvement that can protect you and drive huge tax savings. There’s no risk to find out just how much you may be overpaying, and what to do about it now. And we make it so easy.

Want to put more wealth in your family’s pocket instead of IRS’s? Saving taxes is the fastest, simplest, and cheapest way to magnify your income, improve your lifestyle, do more for your family, and supercharge your wealth!

Here’s a very partial list of the many areas we will cover on the assessment. Not all will apply to you, but we are confident you will be very impressed by the depth of analysis and expertise we will share with you. We are sure we will develop many key opportunities – and identify dangerous risks – that no one else has ever even mentioned to you. And we tell you about powerful, custom solutions without charge as we go through the assessment.

· ESTATE PLAN REVIEW & PhD Prescription


· Professionals, Business Owners, Executives, Stock & Real Estate Investors Review

· Tax Overpayment Diagnostic & Rescue Plan

· Are missing valuable real estate deductions?

· Are you paying needless Self Employment and other payroll taxes?

· Can you unlock valuable Passive Activity Losses from prior years?

· Are you paying needless sales tax?

· Do the “cosmetics” of your returns invite needless IRS scrutiny or audits?

· Are you missing ways to avoid capital gains tax on real estate or stock sales?

· Is your CPA missing bonus or other depreciation?

· Is your CPA coaching you to record and take every legitimate deduction?

· TIP – we find big, legitimate deductions missed all the time!

· Do you have use assets like cars, boats or planes that could be deducted?

· Are your beneficiaries up to date?

· Do you have a living will and is it up to date?

· Is your power of attorney up to date and reflect your current wishes?

· Have you avoided probate and outrageous probate costs?

· Do you have the right health care power?

· Do you have a living trust and not one in your will?

· Do you have trust protectors to protect you & your spouse?

· Are your kids protected from divorce and other risks?

· Are your kids from previous marriages assured of getting what you want?

· Are you at risk of estate taxes and how should you fix that?

· Do you have the dangerous kind of joint accounts?

· Are your assets exposed to financial predators and lawsuits?

· Do you have an S-corp when you should have an S-LLC?

· Are there holes in your liability insurance that could bleed your wealth?

· Is your company set up to encourage lawsuits?

· Do you have a 401k that is inviting an audit or lawsuit?

· Are you needlessly paying excessive sales or property taxes?

· Are you maximizing every deduction?

· Do you have the right buy/sell plan?

· Clear strategies to:

o Save you income tax

o Save you property tax

o Save you payroll tax

o Save you sales tax

o Save you estate tax

o Save you gift tax

o Save you probate fees

o Protect you from guardianship

o Protect your business from attack

o Protect your assets from attack

o Protect you from 401k lawsuits

o Protect you from 401(k) enforcement

o Fix a “toothless” LLC

o Protect your kids from divorce risk

o Protect your kids from past marriages

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