Dr. Camarda founded the Family Wealth Education Institute, whose mission is to benefit the public by providing advanced financial education to consumer families and to the financial advisors who serve them. It endeavors to set the standard of excellence for competent, ethical, and accurate integrated wealth education. Its mission is intended to increase personal wealth and foster family security and comfort. Most of the content is offered free, though tuition may be charged for some courses, curricula or materials, such as for continuing education (CE) to financial advisors, accountants and tax professionals, and legal professionals.

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Dr. Camarda has written many whitepapers over the years. You may find some of them valuable, though some are long and require a lot of reading. You may prefer to watch this video class first (Jeff & Kim dinner seminar recording Sept 2021 as class)

The Unvarnished Truth about Annuities

When to use them, when not to, and what to watch out for:

  • Protecting the Downside in a Volatile Market
  • Buy Low, Sell High?
  • Paths to Profit in Treacherous Markets
  • The Savvy Investor’s 10-Minute Guide to the Basics of Market Timing & Technical Analysis
  • Investors Maximum Social Security Strategies
  • How to Avoid the 9 Retirement Traps That Could Ruin Your Life

  • The 9 Retirement Dangers of the 21 Century

  • Advanced Asset Protection for Successful Families

  • Advanced Asset Protection for Florida Physicians and Their Families

  • The 9 Biggest Dangers Facing Today’s Investor & How to Avoid Them

  • The 9 Big Tax Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

  • The Biggest Business Tax Mistakes

8 Big Mistakes to Avoid in Using a Financial Advisor & Checklists